“Things may look bad for Britain, but the EU faces far greater turmoil”

Immer wieder gut auch den Blick aus Großbritannien auf uns zu lesen. Heute Nachmittag wird Theresa May verkünden, ob die Abstimmung morgen stattfindet. Brexit hin oder her, die Briten haben einen guten Punkt mit ihrer Kritik an der EU:

  • “The fall back option is to leave the EU without a deal. This is what Mrs May should have been preparing for from the beginning. In reality, despite all the hyperbole surrounding it, a no-deal Brexit, that is a Brexit that involves us trading with the EU on World Trade Organisation (WTO) terms, amounts to a real Brexit. Unlike Mrs May’s deal, it offers the opportunity to realise the economic benefits of leaving the EU.” – bto: Der Kommentator leitet eines der wichtigsten Wirtschaftsforschungsinstitute des Landes.
  • “Nevertheless, the immediate effect of a no-deal Brexit would be adverse because there would be some disruption which would be bound to have costs for business. Equally, it would take time for the benefits of Brexit to come through. So, the immediate effects would be negative.” – bto: so what.
  • “As regards the long-term, a no-deal Brexit involves a balance of positive and negative factors. The leading negative is the cost of trade frictions at the border. Yet we have lots of evidence from businesses involved in international trade that such frictions are minimal.” – bto: weshalb auch der Handel mit Ländern außerhalb der EU viel schneller wächst als innerhalb der EU.
  • Meanwhile, has anyone in the establishment noticed what is happening in their blessed EU? The great EU enthusiast, the wunderkind President Emmanuel Macron, increasingly looks like a busted flush. He has already succumbed to the power of the Parisian street. Germany is trying to feel its way to the post-Angela Merkel era.” – bto: Die EU steht vor einer enormen Zerreißprobe, die sie mit der amtierenden Haltung und Mannschaft nicht übersteht.
  • “It is likely to involve not more Europe but more Germany. In eastern Europe, governments are openly flouting both the letter and the spirit of EU law. In Italy, it is only a matter of time before the balloon goes up. This is the entity from which the UK supposedly cannot safely withdraw. The truth is that it is the entity of which it cannot safely remain a member.” – bto: abgesehen von dem üblichen Sticheln gegen uns Deutsche. Recht hat er.
  • “At major timing points, the British economic establishment, suffused with defeatism and pessimism about their own country, has repeatedly blundered – over the Gold Standard in the early Thirties, over Margaret Thatcher’s reforms in the Eighties, over the ERM and (very nearly) over the euro in the Nineties. They are at it again. At the present critical juncture in our history, MPs should listen to the blunderers no more. For once, they should have faith in Britain’s future.” – bto: Immerhin denken die noch an die eigene Zukunft.

→ telegraph.co.uk: “Things may look bad for Britain, but the EU faces far greater turmoil”, 10. Dezember 2018