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"How Germany’s Current-Account Surplus Will Correct Itself"

The Economist magazine just featured Germany on its cover, with the message "Why Germany`s current-account surplus is bad for the world Economy." Being…

"Is Germany Really Poverty-Stricken?"

Dieser Kommentar erschien bei the Globalist. Nach der Veröffentlichung kam die Presseabteilung des DIW auf mich zu und bat um einige Korrekturen.…

„European Peripheral Bond Risk Explodes: Forget Brexit, ‚Now It's Italy's Turn‘“

Eine abgewandelte Version meines Beitrags für das Manager Magazin in der letzten Woche habe ich bei the Globalist veröffentlicht. Zudem wurde…

„Dismantle the Central Banks!“

It’s over. Trust in the once almighty power of the central banks has almost completely vanished. Sure, there are still some holdouts who believe…

Best of 2015 – „How France Will Bail Out Germany’s Merkel“

Nicht alle Leser gehen jeden Tag auf bto, was natürlich bedauerlich ist. Immerhin gibt es werktags zwei Beiträge zu aktuellen Themen aus der…

„EU’s Fate After Paris: A Dark Scenario“

The terrorist attacks from Paris, inhuman and brutal, serve as an accelerant for already ongoing processes that have been weakening the European…

Previous „Germanys New Role in Europe: From Taskmaster to Petitioner“

Until last summer, nothing could be done in Europe without Germany’s consent. The whole eurozone had to embark on a policy of austerity, reforms…

„Germany’s Immigration Challenge“

Germany is considered a rational, fact-driven country, not an emotionally driven one. And yet, based on the current immigration debate in Germany,…

„National Liberation Fronts: United Against the Euro“

Sarah Wagenknecht, one of the most prominent representatives of Germany’s radical left, just called for abandoning the Euro as the best way…

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