Sollte das EU-Impf­ver­sagen Konse­quenzen haben?

Der Blick von außen ist oft erhellend. Er ist nicht immer neutral und wohlwollend. Dies mag besonders für Anhänger des Brexits gelten, die nun ihr Glück nicht fassen können, wie schnell sich ein praktischer Nutzen zeigt: in Form von geretteten Menschenleben. Wer hätte das gedacht?

Der Telegraph wirft einen Blick auf die EU-Impf-Misere und zitiert dabei mich, basierend auf meinem Beitrag im manager magazin zu dem Thema (auch auf bto verfügbar). So der Blick aus London:

  • “The EU’s vaccine disaster is not enough in itself to crystallise Germany’s mounting exasperation with Brussels and the European Institutions. But it vastly complicates the next big test of the Brussels regime: how to prevent another lost decade and a sovereign debt crisis in the Club Med bloc, and who will pay for the rescue.” – bto: Um es gleich zu sagen, das halte ich für falsch. Deutschland wird für die EU bis zum letzten Euro alles opfern. Dazu sind wir zu sehr vom Nutzen überzeugt und zu viele glauben eine Aufgabe der deutschen Identität sei der einzige Weg. Deshalb die geschlossene Haltung der hiesigen Medien bei der Verniedlichung des Desasters.
  • “Die Zeit calls this episode ‘the best advertisement for Brexit’. Bild Zeitung calls it ‘checkmate Brussels’. There is a knock-about feel to these outbursts. What ought to worry the Commission and Germany’s pro-EU elites more is a deeper critique of the EU project from very well-informed quarters.” – bto: Ich denke, es ist der Politik egal, weil sie ja auch so mit allem durchkommt, siehe die aktuellen Zustimmungswerte zur Politik.
  • “Daniel Stelter, Germany’s corporate guru, writes in the insider publication Manager Magazin that this crisis has exposed something rotten at the core. “It is dawning on the German and European population that the political class has failed across the board in meeting the enormous economic and social challenges of the Corona crisis. It marks the accelerating decline of the EU, ‘he said.’ – bto: Ja, das habe ich da geschrieben und auch so gemeint.
  • “He accused politicians of ‘trying to throw sand in our eyes’ and seeking to divert blame with squalid populist gestures. ‘Everybody in the economic sphere now knows that whenever there is a problem at a production site in the EU, there is a risk of being hit with an export ban: vaccines today, biotech tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow what?’ ‘This destruction of trust in the EU as a place of business (Standort EU) is all of a piece with its tendency towards over-regulation and planned-economy control. The gap between wish and reality in the EU is greater than ever. By failing to procure vaccines, the EU has validated Brexit and given all EU citizens an objective reason for euroscepticism,’ he said.” – bto: Dem ist so. Das denke ich auch, wenn ich mich nun selber lese. Allerdings ist es vor allem in Deutschland der Fall, was wiederum keine Rolle spielt.
  • “The danger for Europe lies in the intersecting effect of vaccine paralysis and an even longer economic downturn. The glacial roll-out and lack of doses may delay recovery by three months. That is an extremely expensive failure in terms of political credibility and recessionary metastasis.” – bto: Es kostet Tausende Menschenleben und Hunderte Milliarden.
  • Heads would roll in a democratic state. The EU’s constitutional structure shields the executive from accountability. Ursula von der Leyen breezily insisted yesterday that the handling of vaccine procurement had been a great success. Sandra Gallina, the EU trade negotiator elevated to director-general of health, was defiant before a committee of Euro-MPs. The EU is in the ‘top league’ on vaccine roll-out. ‘I’m not jealous of what Biden is doing because in actual fact the situation here in Europe is, may I say, better,’ she said. On vaccines? Really?” – bto: Das ist Propaganda, die von den Medien bereitwillig weiter verbreitet wird.
  • “The errors made in acquiring vaccines were not accidental. They were inherent in the ideology of the institution. This dysfunctional culture keeps making mistakes each time it ventures into a new terrain, and then has great trouble correcting itself. Without revisiting the maddening themes of farm and fish policy, what about the EU’s first stab at a carbon emissions trading scheme? It was a byword for market illiteracy. Nobody died. It has now been reformed. But you don’t get such a second chance in a pandemic.” – bto: Diesmal wird gestorben.
  • “Rather than spend months trying to drive down the price – when the imperative was time – the Commission should have done the opposite. (…) The EU treated Big Pharma as the enemy when it should have been pulling out all the stops to help these companies. (…) One can sympathise with the desire to hold the 27 states together, which necessarily slows everything down and leads to the lowest common denominator.” – bto: was man aber nicht tun sollte, wenn es wirklich um Geschwindigkeit und Konsequenzen geht.
  • “However you distribute the blame, the fact remains that the Commission seized on the pandemic to increase its powers and then botched the operation horribly. So what will this mean for confidence in its management of the €750bn Recovery Fund, the other great power-grab by Brussels since Ursula von der Leyen took the helm? The German, Dutch, Austria, and Nordic parliaments are already suspicious over the use of this slush fund.” – bto: Deutschland wird gar nichts machen. Wir haben die Große Koalition der Geld-Überweiser. Die einzige Opposition diskreditiert sich systematisch. Die FDP, die hier eine starke Rolle spielen sollte, kneift.
  • “(…) Club Med will be left languishing in structural depression, notwithstanding an initial dead cat bounce from reopening. One thing everybody agrees on is that monetary union cannot survive another protracted slump in Italy, Spain, Portugal and Greece. The debt ratios will spiral higher.” – bto: Deshalb wird es die EZB machen für einen guten Zweck: den Kampf gegen den Klimawandel.
  • “Berlin will have to decide whether to embrace a genuine fiscal and debt union: the Hamiltonian solidarity – all for one, and one for all – that was carefully dodged last year. The decision may have to be made in the run-up to the German elections in September in a mood of disgust over the vaccines. ‘Germany is going to have another moment of truth,’ said David Marsh, head of the Official Monetary and Financial Institutions Forum.” – bto: Scholz hat doch schon gesagt, dass er das will, alle werden es wollen. Es wird in der Bundestagswahl keine Rolle spielen.
  • “The EU’s €750bn Recovery Fund is more publicity stunt than macro-stimulus. Half come in the form of loans that mostly displace borrowing that would have happened anyway. The €390bn in actual grants is spread over five years between 27 countries. Italy will receive just 0.7pc of GDP a year once its own payments as an EU net contributor are stripped out. The sums arriving this year are just a trickle.” – bto: Aber es ist der Einstieg in die Schuldenunion. Deshalb war es ein großer Sieg für Italien, Spanien und Frankreich. Allerdings wird es uns finanziell nachhaltig überfordern.
  • “Once again, the ECB will have to paper over trouble with funny money. It will have to continue its disguised (or at least denied) monetary-fiscal rescue of southern European governments. Should it cease to do so – or even hint at an end to bond purchases – markets will take instant flight. The implicit sovereign bankruptcy of Italy will become explicit. Debt restructuring will be on the table.” – bto: niemals. Das wird nie auf den Tisch kommen, vorher findet man einen Weg, die Schulden elegant zu verschieben, Hauptsache die deutschen Steuerzahler merken es nicht. (Anmeldung erforderlich): “Furious Germany will not forget EU vaccine disaster when Brussels seeks more bailout money”, 2. Februar 2021