“Bill Gross Reveals The ‚Global Establishment’s Overall Plan‘ In Eight Simple Steps”

Diese Frage stelle ich mir ja auch immer. Wie soll das weitergehen? Gibt es einen Plan? Hier die Überlegungen von Bill Gross zu dem Thema. Gut getroffen, würde ich sagen:

How policymakers plan to solve a long-term global debt crisis:

  1. As in Japan, the Eurozone, the U.S., and the UK, central banks bought/buy increasing amounts of government debt (QE), then rebate all interest to their Treasuries and eventually extend bond maturities. Someday they might even ‚forgive‘ the debt. Poof! It’s gone. bto: die Monetarisierung, hier immer wieder diskutiert.
  2. “Keep interest rates artificially low to raise asset prices and bail out over-indebted zombie corporations and individuals. Extend and pretend.” bto: Genau das passiert, finanzielle Repression mit allen Nebenwirkungen.
  3. Talk about normalization to maintain as steep a yield curve as possible to help financial institutions with long-term liabilities, but normalize very, very slowly using financial repression.  bto: Auch das zeichnet sich ab.
  4. “Liberalize accounting rules to make some potentially ‚bankrupt‘ insurance companies and pension funds appear solvent. Puerto Rico, anyone?” bto: Die Regeln wurden vor sieben Jahren geändert und seitdem laufen viele Nackte in des Kaisers neuen Kleidern herum.
  5. “Downgrade or never mention the low interest rate burden on household savers. Suggest it is a problem that eventually will be resolved by the market.  bto: genau.
  6. “Begin to emphasize fiscal as opposed to monetary policy, but never mention Keynes or significant increases in government deficit spending. Use the buzzwords of infrastructure spending and lower taxesEveryone wants those potholes fixed, don’t they? Everyone wants lower taxes too! bto: Auch das passiert.
  7. “Promote capitalism – even though government controlled, near zero percent interest rates distort markets and ultimately corrupt capitalism as we once understood it. Reintroduce Laffer Curve logic to significantly lower corporate taxes. Foster hope. Discourage acknowledgement of abysmal productivity trends which are a critical test of an economic system’s effectiveness. bto: haha. Dazu gehört auch die Rede vom bevorstehenden Innovations-/Produktivitätsboom.
  8. “If you are a policymaker or politician, plan to eventually retire from the Fed/Congress/ Executive Wing and claim it’ll be up to the Millennials now. If you are an active as opposed to passive investment manager, fight the developing trend of low fee ETFs and index funds. But expect to retire with a nest egg.” bto: nach uns die Sinnflut. Kommt mir auch hier bekannt vor.

→ Zero Hedge: “Bill Gross Reveals The ‚Global Establishment’s Overall Plan‘ In Eight Simple Steps”, 6. Dezember 2016