Der (selbst gemachte) Energiepreis-Schock

Die Realität ist ja bei vielen Themen recht weit von dem entfernt, was uns die Politiker nicht nur in Wahlkampfzeiten erzählen. Besonders – aber nicht nur – trifft dies auf das Thema Klimapolitik zu. Die Folgen sind teuer.

  • Europe is facing an energy price shock as the cost of natural gas and electricity surges to record levels. A gas supply crunch is boosting the cost of producing power from the U.K. to Germany just as businesses reopen and people return to the office, increasing demand. Rising prices are fueling inflation and threatening to stall the economic recovery as energy-intensive industries from fertilizer to steel may need to curb output.” – bto: Zunächst ist es nicht schlecht, dass die Nachfrage steigt. Denn es deutet auf eine Erholung der Wirtschaft.
  • “Prices are rallying even though it’s still summer, when demand is usually low, setting the stage for a difficult winter. (…) ‘The problem hasn’t even started yet,’ said Julien Hoarau, the head of EnergyScan, the analytics unit of French utility Engie SA. ‘Europe will face a very tight winter.’” – bto: Wird bestimmt für gute Laune sorgen …
  • “Benchmark European gas futures traded in the Netherlands surged to a record on Monday, as did U.K. prices. Short-term power in Britain also climbed to an all-time high, as the year-ahead contract in Germany — Europe’s biggest electricity market — also climbed to a record.” – bto: Und es gibt viele Gründe, sicherlich hilft es auch, nicht alle Kraftwerke abzuschalten.

  • Hot weather and low wind speeds are curbing renewable power production, boosting the use of fossil fuel-fired generation and pushing the price of coal up more than 70% in Europe this year. All of that sent the cost of polluting in Europe to the highest ever.” bto: Ist es nicht immer wieder schön, mit der Realität konfrontiert zu werden?
  • “Europe is facing a gas crunch after a bitter winter left storage sites depleted. Boosting inventories — already at the lowest in more than a decade — hasn’t been easy, with top supplier Russia limiting flows at a time when Asia is scooping up cargoes of liquefied natural gas that might otherwise head to Europe.” – bto: So viel zu der Vorstellung, man könne einfach importieren.
  • “Things could still get worse if there’s a repeat of the cold weather in 2018, when the Beast from the East brought freezing temperatures to Western Europe. (…) Energy executives from Italian utility giant Enel SpA and Austria’s oil and gas major OMV AG have already warned of a difficult winter ahead. Gas and electricity prices in Europe could translate into a 20% increase in the average dual-fuel utility bill of European retail consumers (…).” – bto: Das hat System, ist es doch erwünscht. „Europe Faces Energy Price Shock With Gas and Power at Records”, 6. September 2021