„Will Italy Spell the End of the Euro?“

France and Germany will be very flexible in their response to Italian demands, irrespective of the official rhetoric from Berlin and Paris. Politicians and financial markets remained surprisingly relaxed after the recent Italian election. Their expectation was that the newly elected parties would act like all Italian parties before and forget about the promises they […]

Trump’s Trade Policy: An Opportunity for Germany

Dieser Kommentar von mir erschien beim the Globalist: History teaches that everyone suffers from trade wars, but the biggest pain is incurred by those who run the big surpluses once it starts. U.S. President Donald Trump is getting serious with his threats to global trade relations. This would be particularly harmful for Germany, the world […]

„How Germany’s Current-Account Surplus Will Correct Itself“

The Economist magazine just featured Germany on its cover, with the message „Why Germany`s current-account surplus is bad for the world Economy.“ Being on the cover of The Economist is not necessarily a good sign. The magazine has a track record of bad timing, often presenting a topic on the cover as a real problem […]

„Is Germany Really Poverty-Stricken?“

Dieser Kommentar erschien bei the Globalist. Nach der Veröffentlichung kam die Presseabteilung des DIW auf mich zu und bat um einige Korrekturen. So war die Abkürzung falsch erklärt und die Zugehörigkeit zum Sachverständigenrat der Bundesregierung nicht richtig wiedergegeben. Das sollte gerade mir nicht passieren und war deshalb umso ärgerlicher. Darüber hinaus stellte das DIW fest, dass nach deren Daten […]

„European Peripheral Bond Risk Explodes: Forget Brexit, ‚Now It’s Italy’s Turn‘“

Eine abgewandelte Version meines Beitrags für das Manager Magazin in der letzten Woche habe ich bei the Globalist veröffentlicht. Zudem wurde es von Zero Hedge aufgegriffen und etwas ergänzt. Hier diese Version: If there was any doubt that Brexit was „relevant“ then the surges in European peripheral bond risk, despite massive bond-buying by The ECB, should send […]

„Dismantle the Central Banks!“

It’s over. Trust in the once almighty power of the central banks has almost completely vanished. Sure, there are still some holdouts who believe that central banks could fix all problems in the real economy as well as in financial markets, primarily by just printing more money. As becomes clearer every day, central banks are not […]

Best of 2015 – „How France Will Bail Out Germany’s Merkel“

Nicht alle Leser gehen jeden Tag auf bto, was natürlich bedauerlich ist. Immerhin gibt es werktags zwei Beiträge zu aktuellen Themen aus der Wirtschaft. Deshalb zum Jahreswechsel eine kleine Auswahl der Highlights aus 2015. Bei der Sichtung habe ich festgestellt, wie zeitlos viele Beiträge sind.  Dieser Beitrag erschien im November 2015 bei theGlobalist.com: Things are shifting […]

Previous „Germanys New Role in Europe: From Taskmaster to Petitioner“

Until last summer, nothing could be done in Europe without Germany’s consent. The whole eurozone had to embark on a policy of austerity, reforms were imposed and at the height of the last Greek drama, Wolfgang Schäuble, the German finance minister, could even propose a Grexit. Being the economic and financial powerhouse of Europe and the […]

„Germany’s Immigration Challenge“

Germany is considered a rational, fact-driven country, not an emotionally driven one. And yet, based on the current immigration debate in Germany, even the advocates of more immigration have little more to offer than emotional arguments. Given our nation’s history, Germans want to help wherever and however possible. Offering asylum to those in danger is […]